Dr. Prof. Preetida Vinayakray Jani



PhD (Electrical Engineering) University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
M.Eng.Sc (Digital Communication) University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
B.E. (Electronics and Communication) Gujarat University, Ahmadabad, India

Area of Interest

  • Wireless Communication
  • Network Security
  • Algorithms (Compression, Bioinformatics)
  • Satellite Communication
  • Cognitive Radio

Work Experience

  1. As a Senior Research Engineer in Industry Nokia Research Center (Finland) for 10 years
  2. As Professor in Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat( For 7 months)
  3. As Associate Professor in Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.(For 2 Years)

Inventions & Patents

  • NC43387 (2040557US): Status: Patent – PAT1, Title: SELECTION OF NETWORK ACCESS ENTITY IN A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM. (IPR Title: A Movement detection algorithm for Fast and Smooth handover over heterogeneous Access technology). Patent granted. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC32271: Status: Nokia takes the rights – USE, Title: Mobile IP handover performance in high Mobility Wireless network. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC56156 (US11/902,664, GB 070912.9): Status: Patent – PAT, Title: METHOD AND APPARATUS ENSURING APPLICATION QUALITY OF SERVICE (IPR Title: Algorithmic framework for ensuring application QOS requirements on access networks). Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC48232: Status: Nokia owns disclosure rights – PRI2, Title: Coverage based handover triggering method for WLAN. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC55357: Status: Nokia owns disclosure right – PRI, Title: Dynamic Access selection Procedure for Multihomed End Device. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC57488 (57488-US-NP) Status: Patent – PAT, Title: A MOBILE NODE, A METHOD OR HANDOVER AND A COMPUTER PROGRAM (IPR Title: End Device Controlled Proactive TCP mechanism for Inter-system Handover). Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, Pasi Sarolahti.
  • NC60813 (NC60813 (Nokia.70US or PCT/IB2008/002890) Status: Patent – PAT, Title: USING GAA TO DERIVE AND DISTRIBUTE PROXY MOBILE NODE HOME AGENT KEYS. (IPR Title: Using Generic Authentication Architecture – GAA to derive and distribute Proxy Mobile node Home agent keys). Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC62644: Status: Nokia owns the disclosure rights – PRI, Title: Ensuring the continuity of service during Media Independent Handover. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, T.Vuori.
  • NC60471: Status: Nokia owns the disclosure rights – PRI, Title: Local Authorizer to render broadcasting /multicasting services. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC62440: Status: Nokia takes rights for future Patent – RES3, Title: Security Levels for Networked end Device. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC63102: Status: Nokia takes rights for future Patent – RES, Title: Key plumbing in Mobile IP for fast roaming and Re-authentication. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC64470 (30397WO): Status: Patent – PAT, Title: CONNECTION MANAGEMENT (IPR Title: Triggering and optimizing the usage of IKEv2 Exchanges to improve mobility performance of DSMIP client). Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC64784 (2081555US): Status: Patent – PAT, Title: HANDOVER DECESION PROCEDURE IN A MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (IPR Title: An optimized movement Detection Algorithm for fast and smooth handover over heterogeneous access technology). Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC65568: Title: Dynamic Session Control in PDN/Proxy-MIP. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • NC66651: Title: Localized Virtual Home Agent to improve the mobility performance of End device. Inventor: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.

Technical Publications – Journals & Conferences (Published)

  • ‘Impact of Mobility Models on Routing Performance of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks’, Submitted to IEEE Vehicular Network Conference 2014.
  • ‘Proactive TCP Mechanism to Improve Handover Performance in Mobile Satellite and Terrestrial Networks’, International Journal of Computer Applications – (IJCA),  ISBN : 973-93-80869-24-2,June 2012, Journal Volume 48 – Number 25, Digital Library URL: http://www.ijcaonline.org/archives/volume48/number25/7546-0643, ISBN : 973-93-80869-24-2, pp.25-29, June 2012,  Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, Sugata Sanyal [Impact factor:0.814, Note: This is yr.2011 IF, yr. 2012 IF will be available in 2013 june-July]
  • ‘Routing Protocols for  Mobile and Vehicular Ad hoc Networks: A Comparative Analysis’. ACTA Technica Corviniensis – Bulletin of Engineering –  International and International and Interdisciplinary Journal, Tome V (Year 2012), FASCICULE 3 [July-September], ISSN  2067-3809, pp. 101-106, http://acta.fih.upt.ro/pdf/2012-3/ACTA-2012-3-19.pdf, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, Sugata Sanyal [Index Copernicus: 5.34]
  • ‘Security Architecture for Cluster-based Ad hoc Networks’, International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications, Volume: 04 Issue:01 Pages:1523-1527 (2012) ISSN : 0975-0290, Online archive  http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.1701 at Cornell University July 2012,  Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, Sugata Sanyal
  • ‘Mobility Model Analysis for Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc  Networks’, Proceedings of International conference on Information, Knowledge and Research in Engineering,, Technology and Sciences-2012, (ICIKR-ETS 2012), India, pp. 307-310, A. Joshi, S. Hadia, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, C. Patel,
  • ‘Clustering Approach for Distributed Co-operative Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks’, International Journal of Recent Technology in Engineering – IJRTE, ISSN 2277-3878, Volume 1, Issue-1, April 2012, pp. 112-116 Nidhi Jani, S. Hadia, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani  [Impact Factor:1, Source: http://www.ijrte.org/]
  • ‘Algorithm Driven System Selection with Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio in Mobile Devices’, International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Networks (IJWMN). Volume 2, No.3,ISSN:  0975-4679, August 2010, Preetida Vinayakray Jani.
  • ‘Dynamic selection of wireless systems with reconfigurable Software Defined Radio in Multihomed Mobile Hosts’,  International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network and Computing – CNC 2010 Proceedings, IEEE CS CPS Publishing service, Archive in the IEEE Xplore and IEEE CS Digital library, OCT 04-05/2010, Preetida Vinayakray Jani, Calicut, Kerala, India.1
  • ‘Authentication and Authorization system for services’, WSEAS Transactions on Communications, Issue 8, Volume 5, August 2006, ISSN: 1109-2742. Mikko Niiranen, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani. [Impact Factor = 0.039 measured by SCImago, Acceptance Rate = 10.66%, Source: http://www.wseas.org/wseas/cms.action?id=43]
  • ‘Federated access service authorization’, Proceedings of the 10th WSEAS int. Conf. on Communications, Athens, Greece, July 2006, ISSN: 1790-5117, ISBN: 960-8457-47-5. [Best Conference paper selected for journal publication] Mikko Niiranen, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.
  • ‘Roadmap for Securing Handheld Devices: System Integrity and confidentiality’, Book: Security and Privacy in the Age of Uncertainty, ISBN 1-4020-7449-2, Kluwer Academic Pub, May, 2003. Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.1
  • ‘Security in Ad hoc Networks’ Position paper, PAMPAS Workshop, London, 2002. Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.1
  • ‘IPv6 in GPRS’ Invited presentation, IPv6 Forum, Bangalore, India, 2001. Preetida Vinayakray-Jani.1
  • An applicability of Transition mechanisms for IPv6/IPv4 within the scope of GPRS with an internet communication’,  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Book title: Next Generation Networks, Networks and Services for the Information Society, 5th IFIP TC6 International Symposium, INTERWORKING 2000, Proceedings, Pages 72 – 82, Springer-Verlag London, . ISBN:3-540-41140-2. Online archive http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=725128 , Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, Reijo Juvonen.
  • ‘Dynamic Framework to Support Adaptable Networked Multimedia Applications to achieve User level requirements’, Proceedings of the 6th IEEE Singapore International Conference on Networks’98, Networks ’98, Also published in Book – Book title : IEEE SICON ’98, Networks ’98,  ISBN 13: 9789810235840, ISBN 10: 9810235844, Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co Pvt. Ltd, June 1998. Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, A. Seneviratne. [Best Student Paper]. 1


Technical Publications – Journals & Conferences (Accepted)

  • ‘Spectral Information Guided Complexity Evaluation for Video Codec Design’, International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network and Computing – CNC 2010, IEEE CS CPS Publishing service, Archive in the IEEE Xplore and IEEE CS Digital library, OCT 04-05/2010, Vaibhavi Lineswala, J. Patel, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani and, Calicut, Kerala, India. [Accepted but Not Published].
  • ‘Programming Model and System Infrastructure for real-time Networked Multimedia Applications’, IEEE International symposium on Communication Networks’98, Oct 1998. Preetida Vinayakray-Jani. [Accepted but Not Published].

White Papers

  • ‘voXstar Common Mobility Reference Architecture: Requirements and Use Cases’, Authors from Nokia (NRC, Devices), NSN and Vodafone, 2008.
  • ‘IP Mobility in GPRS’, Authors from NRC/Nokia

Contact Information

Extension: 390
Room No. 503, 5th Floor, Electronics & Telecommunication Department,
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri(W), Mumbai 400058.