Department Library

With a view of enriching the quality of ambiance for education for all the EXTC students, FETS initiated the development of a library on the EXTC floor itself. This development demanded collective efforts of all the members of the committee. The tasks to be completed included ensuring the provision of all the essential books catering to the needs of all EXTC-ians, obtaining the required books from various sources, creating a database of the books, arranging them in proper order, labeling them topic-wise and so on. With sheer dedication we finally accomplished this task of re-establishing our mini-library with our H.O.D. Dr. Y.S.Rao inaugurating the library on 18th of September 2012 and thereby facilitating the EXTC-ians to start using their own library.

Register is maintained with a database of all the students. All the books in the library have been numbered and identified using cards. Whenever any student borrows book from the library, the book identification number & the date of issue with his/her signature is noted in the register maintained.
All this information is also maintained in the book identity card, which is kept in the library as backup record. The due date is mentioned in the book for student’s reference. The book is allotted for 1 week. Every student is permitted to take 2 books.

The reissue procedure is similar. Only 3 reissues are allowed.

While returning the book the person taking back the book signs the register and card is restored back in the book. The fine of Re.1 is charged per day after the due date.

Preview List of Books in Department Library