Guest Lectures

2020-21 VII “Ethical Hacking-Hands on session ” Prof. Vijaya Kamble Mr Veerendra GG Security Research Head ,SecPod Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2020-21 VI Military Antenna Applications Prof. Pallavi Malame Ms. Sheilu Singh, Scientist D, DRDO
2020-21 III Fabrication Processes and Virtual Lab Visit Prof. Sneha Weakey Mr. Nilesh Kusher, Sr.Research Fellow,Crystalline Silicon Group, NCPRE,IITB, Mumbai
2019-20 M.Tech-II (EXTC+COMPS) “DIGITAL FORENSIC” Prof. Vijaya Kamble Mr Yogendra Yadav LAB SYSTEMS INDIA Pvt
2018-19 III “Electronics Devices and Circuits” Prof. Sneha Weakey Prof. Tanaji Biradar,
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, D.J.S.C.O.E, MUMBAI
2018-19 IV “Industrial Applications of Control Systems ” Prof. Sneha Weakey Mr. Sahil Matani,
Sr.Engineer- Design, Power Electronics and Automation Technology Center,
L&T Electrical and Automation, MUMBAI
2018-19 V, VII “4G, LTE, the difference of what is taught and what is used practically in the industry” Prof. Aayesha Hakim Mr. Hozefa Kapasi, Allot Communications.
2018-19 VI Video estimation Algorithm Dr. Sujata Kulkarni Dr. Udhav Bhosle, Professor, Principal
2018-19 VII(EXTC+IT+COMPS+MCA(III)) ” Neural networks
Application, A deep dive into deep learning
Prof. Vijaya Kamble Mr. Shaunak De,
2017-18 IV,
Mtech sem II
Industrial Application of EM Wave Theory Prof. Pallvi Malame Mr.Anand Kumar Gupta, Research Scientist ,SAMEER
2016-17 VII, ME sem I 5G Communications: Small Cells and Energy Harvesting IEEE, FETS &
Prof. Vijaya Kamble
Dr. Maged Elkashlan – Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Communications Queen Mary
University of London