Dr. Rajendra R Sawant


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), Marathwada University (1988)
  • Diploma in Business Managment, Marathwada University (1990)
  • Master of Technology (Electrical Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (1996)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Electrical Engineering, IIT Bomaby (2009)

Areas of Interest

    • Digital Control in Power Electronics
    • Power Quality Monitoring and Mitigation
    • Wireless Power Transfer
    • Real time simulation of Power Electronic Systems
    • Image Processing and sensing technology
    • Induction Heating Systems


(a) Internatiional Journal Papers

(1) Three dimensional flux vector modulation of four-leg sinewave output inverters

Patel, D.C.; Sawant, R.R.; Chandorkar, M.C.; IF (5.165)

Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on

VOL. 57, NO. 4, APRIL 2010, Page(s): 1261 – 1269

(2) A Multifunctional Four-Leg Grid-Connected Compensator, IF (1.672)

Sawant, R.R.; Chandorkar, M.C.;

Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on,

Volume 45, Issue 1, Jan.-feb. 2009 Page(s):249 – 259

(3) Methods for multi-functional converter control in three-phase

four-wire systems, IF (1.519)

Sawant, R.R.; Chandorkar, M.C.;

Power Electronics Journal, IET (Formerly IEE (UK) )

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2009 Page(s):52 – 66

(4) Offline Signature Verification Using Shape Correspondence

Pradeep Narawde, Sawant and Sanjiv Bonde;

Vol. 10, No. 3, 2018, Pg. 272-288

International Journal of Biometrics, Inderscience Publishers Ltd, UK IF (1.82)

(b) Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

International Conference Publications:

(1) Flux Vector Modulation for single phase inverter with LC Output Filter,

Patel, Dhaval C. ; Chattopadhyay, Ritwik ; Madhusoodhanan, Sachin ; Bhattacharya, Subhashish ;

Sawant, Rajendra R. ; Chandorkar, Mukul C.

Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC),2014, 29th Annual IEEEConf.,

Fort-Worth, Texas, USA, Page(s): 1530 – 1536

(2) Discrete time control technique for induction heating system

Tannu, S.S. ; Sawant, R.R. ; Rao, Y.S.

International Conference on: Communication, Information &

Computing Technology (ICCICT), 2012, Page(s): 1 – 5

(3) Power Electronic Control System Development Environment on A Multi-Core Platform,

Bagul, Shrirang N.; Sawant Rajendra R.;Chandorkar, Mukul C.

Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 2009. PEDS

2009. International Conference on ,

November 2-5, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C 2009, Page(s): 1080 – 1085

(4) Power boundaries in multifunctional converter control for three-phase four-wire systems

Sawant, R.R.; Chandorkar, M.C.;

TENCON 2008 – 2008, TENCON 2008. IEEE Region 10 Conference

19-21 Nov. 2008 Page(s):1 – 6

(5) Control of four-leg sine-wave output inverter using flux vector modulation

Patel, D.C.; Sawant, R.R.; Chandorkar, M.C.;

Industrial Electronics, 2008. IECON 2008. 34th Annual Conference of IEEE

10-13 Nov. 2008 Page(s):629 – 634

(6) A Non-contact Method for Rod Straightness Measurement Based on Quadrant Laser Sensor

Rana, N.K.; Sawant, R.R.; Moon, A.H.; Industrial Technology, 2006. ICIT 2006. IEEE International Conference on

15-17 Dec. 2006 Page(s):2292 – 2297

(7) A Multi-functional Four-leg Grid Connected Compensator

Sawant, R.R.; Chandorkar, M.C.;

Power Conversion Conference – Nagoya, 2007. PCC ’07, 2-5 April 2007,

Page(s):1085 – 1092

(8) A New Hybrid Power Control Technique for Induction Vessel

Heating System

Sawant R.R.; Chame, N.S.; Rana, N.K.;

Industrial Technology, 2006. ICIT 2006. IEEE International Conference on 15-17 Dec. 2006 Page(s):1424 – 1429

(9) Modeling of multilevel voltage source converter

Deshpande, N.R.; Sasi, N.; Sawant, R.R.;

Power Electronics Systems and Applications, 2004. Proceedings. 2004,

Second Biannual International Conference on 9-11 Nov. 2004, Mumbai, INDIA, Pg: 24-29

(10) Scalable mobile present-cloud with communication security

Rajendra R Sawant and Sudesh L Farpat;

International Conference on Emerging Trend and Research in Engineering, (ICETRE-2013) P-ISSN: 2320-8821, pp, 90-101

(11) Jayganesh Rajaraman, Vrajesh Prajapati, Meghna Bhagat, Y. S. Rao, Rajendra R. Sawant, Implementation of a digital controller using DSP TMS320F28335 for frequency and power tracking

of load resonant inverters”, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, 2016 (ICIT-2016), March 16-17, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan, pp.1085-1090

(12) Rajendra Sawant and Y. S. Rao, “A Discrete-time Controller for Phase Shift Controlled load-resonant inverter without PLL”, IEEE Power Electronics Drives and Energy Conference (PEDES ) – 2014, Dec. 2014, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

(13) Prajakta Hasekar and Rajendra Sawant, “Experimental Analysis of Perceptual based Texture Features

for Image Retrieval”, IEEE International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (ICCICT) -2015, Jan. 2015, SPIT Mumbai, India

(14) Shwetal Jaiswal and Rajendra Sawant, “Capacitated Minimum Forest Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks”, IEEE ICCICT 2015, Jan. 2015, SPIT Mumbai, India

National Conference Publications:

Year 2017-18:

Rajendra R Sawant, Mayur Chauhan, Sai S Yeramreddy and Y S Rao, “ Harmonic Oscillator: A classical fundamental building block for Modern Electric Power Control”, Selected for presentation at the 8th National Power Electronics Conference , December 18-20, COEP, Pune, India

Year 2005-2006

(1) R. R. Sawant and M. C. Chandorkar, Multi-functional Power Electronic Compensator using Instantaneous p-q-r Theory ”, 2nd National Power Electronic Conference, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, December , 2005,

(2) K.Vinod Kumar, R.R.Sawant, N. K. Rana and B.N.Chaudhari., “A Review of Power Control Schemes with Improved Input Power Factor for the Resonant Inverter Based Induction Heating System”, 2nd National Power Electronic Conference, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, December , 2005

(3) M.Satish Kumar, B. N. Chaudhari, and R.R.Sawant, “Design and Control of an Active Power Filter for Three Phase Four wire Power System”, 2nd National Power Electronic Conference, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, December , 2005,

Year 2003-2004

(4) R. R. Sawant and N. K. Rana, “ A Comparison of the Power Control Stratgies for the Resonant Converter based Induction Heating System”, Proc. of 1st National Power Electronics Conference, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Oct- 2003.

(5) R. R. Sawant and M. C. Chandorkar” A Comparison of Instantaneous Power

Compensation Theories for generalized Power Quality Improvements”, ”, Proc. of

13th National Power Systems Conference, Indian Institute of Technology Madras,

Chennai, December 27-30, 2004, Pg, 212-217

(6) N. R. Deshpande, S. K. Nandiraju and R. R. Sawant “An Approach to Modeling

of Voltage Source Converter” , Proc. of 13th National Power Systems Conference,

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, December 27-30, 2004, Pg, 701-


Year 2002-2003

(7) R. R. Sawant and N. K. Rana, “ Practical Evaluation of a Novel High Frequency Power Supply for Induction Brazing”, Proc. of 12th National Power Systems Conference, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, December 27-29, 2002, Pg,601-607.

(8) Purab A Chhaya , Jayesh J Vankani, Viren H Trivedi , R R Sawant and

Maqsood Shaikh, “ Serial Communication Linked Interactive Single Phase Energy

Meter”, Proc. of 12th National Power Systems Conference, Indian Institute of

Technology, Kharagpur, December 27-29, 2002, Pg, 303-304 (Poster).

Sponsored Projects :

Projects from Govt. Organizations

(1) BRNS (BARC), On-line water quality monitoring of ground-water in Indian Villages, Grant Amount 25 lacs, PI

(2) University of Mumbai, Title: On-line power quality monitoring and Analysis at Remote Server Ref. No. APD/237/459 of 2016, 15-02-16, Grant Amount Rs. 40,000/, PI

(3) DST, GOI and Intel@, Title: Real time river and air quality monitoring using low power smart sensor network for prediction and prevention of environmental pollution (proposal Under review), 15 Cr. (PI)

Industrial Consultancy Projects Completed :

(1) Design and Development of IGBT Gate Driver for VSI, For Varentec Inc. USAThrough M/S Integral Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune, Three months Oct-Dec 2012, Project Grant: 1 Lac,

(2) Design and Fabrication of 200Watt Floating Rail Power Supply for High Voltage AC-AC Converter, For Varentec Inc. USAThrough M/S Integral Technologies Pvt. Ltd, \Pune, Jan 2012 till June 2012 ( Six-Months), Project Grant: 3 Lacs

(3) Design and development of Dynamic Voltage Sag Corrector for High Precision Printing Machine, For Innovolt Inc. USA through M/S Integral Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune, Jan 2012 till June 2012 (Six-Months). Project Grant: 3 Lacs

(4) Development of Auto- tracking frequency control for Series Resonant Inverter without using PLL, M/S Shikovi Heat Generation Technologies Pvt. LtdNew Mumbai, July 2013to Dec 2013(Six-Months), Project Grant: 3 Lacs

(5) Multi-stacking of Voltage Source Inverters for Induction Heatingfor Capacity Enhancement, M/S Micro-tech Induction Pvt. LtdMumbai, Jan-2007Dec-2007(One Year), Project Grant: 1.5 Lacs

(6) Utensil Annealing Machine for Steel Industry 15kW/25kHz, M/S Micro-tech Induction Pvt. Ltd Mumbai, Jan-2006Dec-2006 (One Year), Project Grant: 2 Lacs

(7) Development of a 10 kW, 100kHz, Solid State Induction Heatingsystem for Surface Hardening, M/S Micro-tech Induction Pvt. Ltd Mumbai, Jan-2004Dec-2005(Two Year), Project Grant: 3 Lacs

(8) Development of a High Frequency ResonantInverter for Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Machine, M/S Insight Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Jan 97-July97, Project Grant, 1 Lacs.

(9) Design, Fabrication and Commissioning of a 10kW, 5kHz PWM Inverter for Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Compressor for Indian Railways, M/S NELCO,Mumbai, Jan-96July 96(Six-Months), Project Grant, 5 Lacs

Work Experience:

Academic: 26 Years, Industrial: 1.5 Years




Date of joining

Date of leaving



Professor and Principal

Mahavir Swami Institute of Engineering and Technology, Surat,Gujarat Technological University, Gandhinagar

14th Sept 2016

31st July 2018

2 Years


Professor in Electrical Engineering

Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering, NMIMS, Andheri, Mumbai

12th July, 2016

12 Sept2016

2 Months


Professor and Principal

University of Mumbai PVPP College of Engineering, Sion. Mumbai-22

01st Sept, 2014

11th July 2016

2 Years


Professor and Principal

Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, NandedK. S. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hingoli, MS-431513

01 Jan. 2010

August, 31st , 2014

4.5 Years


Faculty in Electrical Engineering, (Asst. Professor and Professor)

University of Mumbai,Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai-53ACPCOE and DMCOE,

July 1996

31st Dec. 2009

13.5 Years


Executive Trainee, R&D, Industrial Automation and Drives Division

The National Radio and Electronics Co. Ltd. (NELCO),Andheri, (E). Mumbai

Jan 1996

July 1996

6 Months


Lecturer in Electrical Engineering

Amravati UniversityB N College of Engg, Pusad (MS)

August 1990

July 1994

4 Years


Trainee Engineer,Erection & Maintenance

Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB)

July 1989

August 1990`

1 Year

Devlopment of New Courses and Laboratories

  1. Development of Real Time Simulation Lab Course using Custom built DSP-FPGA Board

A Real time Simulation Laboratory course is developed for UG and PG students. The custom built DSP-FPGA boards (with ADCs, DACs, DSP TMS320VC33 and Spartan-3 FPGA) are used for this course. Students are trained for Real-time implementation of Discrete-time algorithms for Harmonic Oscillator, Low Pass Filters, Generation of different wave-shapes using sinusoids of different harmonics, Phase Locked Loop, All Pass Filters, IIR and FIR Filters, Circuit Models etc. Students are asked to execute some real-world problems as a project-work.


    1. Developed a Windows Spice based software ” Virtual Electronics Lab”, with more than 200 experiments for undergraduate students of Electronics and Telecom Engineering.

    2. Developed new Library Templates and Application Notes for a public domain circuit simulator: SEQUEL, developed at IIT Bombay.

Membership of Professional Bodies/Organizations:

Sr. No.

Name of the Professional Body

Membership Status (Life/Annual)


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, USA)

Senior Member(Member Since 16 Year)


IEEE, IEEE Power Electronics Society

Member (Annual)


IEEE, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Member (Annual)


IEEE, IEEE Industry Applications Society

Member (Annual)


IEEE, IEEE Education Society

Member (Annual)


Indian Society for Technical Education: (ISTE)

Life Member


Institution of Engineers (IE), India

Member (Life)


Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (IETE), India



Contribution to Continuing Education Programming

  1. Contributions (teaching) to Continuing Education Programs :

  1. One day Faculty Development Program on LATEX at BMEF, Surat, Dec-2016

  2. A 90 Minutes ISTE STTP on “ How to Write Research Proposal” SPIT Mumbai on 9th Nov 2016

  3. A 90 Minutes lecture session on “Research Proposals and Report/Paper writing”, at SPIT Mumbai, on 8-9 April 2016

  4. A two hour lecture on “Discussion on Practical implementation of IIR and FIR Filters”, during Two-day workshop on ”DTSP using Digital Signal Processor, Hands-on” SPIT, Mumbai, January, 30, 2016

  5. Research Methodology: Research Problem Search and Guidelines, SPIT, Mumbai, May 13, 2015

  6. Using PSPICE and MATLAB/Simulink in teaching Basic Electrical Engineering, SPIT, July 18, 2015

  7. Induction Heating and Thermography”, iTech Group Seminar on Thermography, 13th Nov. 2014 at Hotel Orbett, Pune, India……..2hr Session

  8. ” Considerations for selecting a Research Topic”, during a course on Research Methodology for PhD students at SPIT Mumbai, 20th Dec. 2013 ……2hr Session

  9. “Applications of SEQUEL simulator in Power Electronics”, Govt. College of Engineering, Pune”, May 19th 2009 (Two day Workshop on Power Electronics Simulation) ….2 hr Session

  10. Simulation of Power Conditioning Circuits with SEQUEL Simulator: A Case Study”, Staff Training Programme at Center for Advanced Computing (CDAC), Power Electronics Division, Thiruvananthapuram, Nov. 27th 2008 (through NaMPET Project, under Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India.) …………….2 Sessions (2 hrs. each)

  11. Latex for Engineering Teachers”, ISTE Sponsored STTP at RGIT, Mumbai, DEC 2008 ———1 hr Session

  12. Power Semiconductor Devices: A Status Review”, at ISTE Sponsored STTP at SPIT, Andheri, Mumbai, Jan. 2007 …….2 hr Session

  13. Practical Design of IIR Filters”, ISTE Sponsored STTP at SFIT, Borivali, Mumbai, May 2006

  14. An approach to analyse Power Quality Problems using SEQUEL”, delivered at College of Engineering Pune on 20th Oct. 2005 ….2hr Session

  15. A Comparison of Instantaneous Power Theories for Power Quality Improvements”, Seminar delivered on 30th Sept. 2005 through PEPS Seminar series, EE Deptt., IIT Bombay ………..1 hr Session

  1. Short-term Course/Workshop/Seminars etc. organized
  1. Conducted ISTE-AICTE, one week short term training program on , ” Implementation of IOT with Python Programming” at BMCET, Surat in Dec. 2017 ……..(Convener)

  2. Conducted , (ISTE) one week short term training program, ” Software tools in Electronics and Telecom Engineering” at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai in Dec. 2008 ……..(Convener)

  3. Conducted (ISTE) one week short term training program “ Recent Trends in wired and wireless networks” at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai in June2007……………(Convener)

  4. Conducted one day workshop on “ LATEX for Beginner’s” on 10th Oct. 2007 at RGIT, Mumbai…………………………….(Convener)

  5. Conducted two weeks training program on Embedded Systems for students in June-July 2006 at RGIT, Mumbai………(Convener)

  6. Conducted two weeks ISTE Teacher training program on Open Source Softwares in Electronics and Telecom. Engg + Simulation of Networks using NS3 at PVPPCOE, Mumbai May-June 2015 ………(Organizer)

  7. Conducted two days Teacher’s Training Program: Workshop on Wireless Networking at PVPP COE, Dec.2015………(Organizer)

Awards and recognitions:

(a) LOKMAT Corporate Excellence Award 2014, 13th Nov. 2014, Taj Land Ends,


(b) National Merit Scholarship from SSC to Under-graduation, Maharashtra State

Work as a Reviewer:

  1. Reviewed Papers for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics: 14 Papers, 2010-2016

  2. Reviewed Papers for IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics: 13 Papers, 2010-2016

  3. Reviewed Video Lecture Course: “Microprocessor Applications to Power Electronics”, by Prof. Mukul C. Chandorkar, faculty at IIT Bombay for Distance Education Department (DEP) at IIT Bombay during 2012.

Work as a Session Chair in Conferences

    1. IEEE ICCICT 2018, February 3, SPIT, Mumbai, for a Research Scholar Colloquium …(One Session).

    2. IEEE PEDES 2014, 17th and 19th Dec. 2015, IIT Bombay, for Sessions: Power Quality, HVDC-FACTs and PEDES Special session…….. (Two Sessions)

    3. IEEE ICCICT 2015, 16th Jan. 2015, SPIT, Mumbai, for a session on Electronics….(One Session).

    4. IEEE ICCICT 2013, 20th Oct. 2013, SPIT, Mumbai, for a session on Electronics….(One Session).