Objectives of Research and Development Center
Embedded systems, VLSI design, Virtual Instrumentation and Mobile Communication are upcoming fields of engineering. It is required to provide platform to the students to study these latest technologies and to gain knowledge of industrial applications. With this intention we have started running short term courses in these areas. To further enhance this idea, we have established the research and development center for the benefit of Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication and IT students.

Short Term Goals

  • Development of in house projects in the areas of Wireless Embedded Networks, Sensor Networks, Fiber Communication, High end Embedded Processors, Virtual Instrumentation, VLSI front end and back end design, Image Processing and DSP.
  • Preparation of kits for conducting short term courses in new fields like power electronics, bio-medical, image processing etc.
  • Implementing final year B.E., M.E.  in house projects and Publications.
  • Development of research projects relevant to the industry, thereby opening possibilities of research funding from the industries.

Long Term Goals

  • To provide platform to the students to bring out new ideas and implement them. Encourage extra-curricular and practical activities among students so that they come across industrial applications.
  • To bring sponsored projects from industries that will serve to establish industry institute interaction
  • To increase the number of recruitments in core companies.
  • To provide exposure of industrial applications and latest technologies to faculties and students.
  • To establish and maintain relationship with the alumni.
  • To encourage students in participating at various international level competitions.
  • To encourage students and faculties to publish research work in Journals recognized by various international bodies like IEEE.

Benefit to the Students

  • Getting platform to execute practical ideas.
  • Gaining some industrial knowledge
  • Getting opportunity to work on real life industrial projects
  • Helping in the recruitment and in further studies
  • May get scholarships from companies.
  • Theoretical and Hand held experience on latest devices and instruments to meet the cadre of the market trends.
  • Benefit to the Industry
  • For Sponsored projects, R&D cell will give working model of the project with complete project report to the company.
  • Depending on the agreement signed, company will be benefited.
  • Develop the manpower for the industry.
  • Develop the expertise in the Institute.

Research focuses on

  • VCL using Private Cloud
  • Simulation of power electronics circuits, non-linear electrical load models.
  • High power and high frequency switching converters.
  • Modeling and simulation of control systems.
  • Development of a combined off-line and real-time simulator for power electronics simulation.
  • Development of a flexible low cost DSP/FPGA platform for power electronics control implementation.
  • Integration of power electronics with digital control systems, and system prototyping.
  • Designing and prototyping a platform for sampling and transmitting sensor data to a central net server using ad-hoc RF networks.
  • To develop the Wireless Channel Model based on the actual measurements and validates the same by way of testing and verifying the results with the existing scenario.